Migraine & TMJ Treatment

What you need to know:

Neuromodulator injections is a proven treatment strategy to address migraine, tension headache and jaw clenching!

Pain and tension can be relieved by injecting the muscles involved in a migraine (Frontalis, glabella, temporalis, masseter, occipital muscles, ocular muscles and corrugators). Many patients have found this to be a ‘last-resort’ treatment when other options failed to work. Some patients enjoy fewer headaches as a side-effect of their cosmetic neuromodulator injectors, and those with migraines can also reap the benefits of preventative fine-line and wrinkle treatments at the same time! Oftentimes, this treatment can even be covered under your healthcare plan!

What to expect:

Before the treatment
  • Avoid alcohol , aspirin, ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin, Aleve), heavy amounts of garlic or Omega 3 for 48 hours
During treatment
  • Opportunity to discuss treatment plan
  • Topical numbing cream used 
  • Minimal to moderate discomfort
After treatment
  • Although bruising is rare, it can happen with any injectable procedure
  • Re-book every 3-4 months for maintenance
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